Raxus Slider 2.0.4

  • Breaking Bad American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan.
  • Video Slide You can add video link from Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Custom Thumbnail Raxus Slider gets thumbnail urls automatically. But you can add your custom thumbnail url easily.
  • Slide Link Add link your slides.
  • Scarface
  • Star Wars Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise centered on a film series created by George Lucas. The film series, consisting of two trilogies, has spawned an extensive media franchise called the Expanded Universe including books, television series, computer and video games, and comic books.
  • HER
Easy usage, touch support, responsive layout and advanced features HTML5 slider plugin. And it's only 14KB.
No need to more edit in javascript files. You will change features you want with HTML5 attributes.
Try easily:
Thumbnail Position
  • bottom
  • left
  • top
  • right
Slide Direction
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

What is Raxus Slider?

Raxus Slider is simply image and slide gallery. You can slide easily any image and text with this slider. There is no need to edit javascript code for these options that you will see. And some HTML5 attribute features will help you during this time. Let's start to browse Raxus Slider features, options and see how to use.


Features & Options

Thumbnail Positions

You can select top, bottom, left and right position for thumbnail shown. Or you can remove thumbnails.

Vertical Slide

Raxus Slider can slide two way. Vertical and horizontal. If you select vertical slide option, arrow positions changes automatically, if its open.

Auto Play

Raxus slider can slide itself if you want. Just define your ms(milisecond) like '5000'.

Arrows & Dots Show / Hide

You can hide slider arrows and dots separately.


Raxus slider have fullscreen option. But you can close this option easily if you don't want that button.

Keyboard Control

You can control Raxus Slider with your keyboard. Slider needs to be focus that features to using.


You can write any title and description text for each slides that have animation option.

Video Slide

You can put direct video link to image attributes for show video in that slide.

Auto / Custom Thumbnail URLs

Raxus Slider gets thumbnail urls automatically. But don't scare, you can define your custom thumbnail urls easily.

Custom size for Thumbnails

You can set thumbnails size whatever you want. Default is 70px / 70px.

Image ratio options

For protect your image ratios, you can select right class-name like 'fix-width', 'fix-height' or nothing.

Custom Size for Raxus Slider

You can set slider area sizes whatever you want. Images can be protect themselves ratio based your class that you defined.

Multi-Raxus Slider

You can put multi-Raxus Slider in one page without any problem.


For better performance, used css3 transition effects.

Responsive Layout

Raxus Slider is responsive, adaptive. When you change your window size, slide can be located again from where it left off area automatically.


You can use Raxus Slider on touch device. When you swipe on slide area, slider can slide that way.

File Size

Raxus Slider is 19KB. If you use minified version then you're lucky. Because Raxus Slider minified .JS file only 14KB

Background Colors

You can change slide area's and thumbnail area's background color with data-attributes. Or you can set transparent.

Draggable Slide Area

You can drag slide area in all direction.

Draggable Thumbnail Area

You can drag thumbnails area in all direction.

Add Link All Slide Area

You can add url each slide area.

Loop Slide

You can disable loop option from data-attributes if you want. When you're in the last and first slide, slider don't loop.


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